Apple Music has its own version of Spotify Wrapped; this is how replay works

Replay is the name of the option that will provide you with your music summary with what you listened to the most in 2022.

Every year Spotify Wrapped becomes a trend due to the great surprises that users get when they find out what they listened to the most in the year.

But if you’re not much of this platform and prefer Apple Music, don’t worry because this app also has a tool that will provide you with your 2022 summary.

Following in the footsteps of Spotify, Apple launched Replay, an option that will provide you with the list of songs, artists and music albums that you have not stopped playing in the last 12 months; Here’s how it works so you don’t get left behind with your 2022 music tally.

A noteworthy fact is that Apple Music named Bad Bunny Artist of the Year in large part due to the success of Un verano sin ti, the most listened to album on the application, a similar achievement that the Puerto Rican achieved on Spotify Mexico by staying with the first four positions of the top of songs.

To access your music summary you must enter the Apple Music app from your Iphone, Ipad or Macbook, or you can enter the website through the following link:

Once you enter the application, click on the “Listen” or “Explore” section, in any of these you will find a blue box with the description: Replay 2022, your year in music.

The tool gives you two options: view your featured reel, which is a brief seven-slide summary that you can share on social media and tells you the number of minutes you’ve listened to music on the app, your favorite genres, plus the song, the artist and album you listened to the most.

​ The second option offers you more detailed data, since it tells you the total number of songs you listened to in 2022 along with your top 10. It also shows you the number of edges you played and the first ten.