Apple Music launches “Replay”, a list of favorite songs every week

Apple Music Replay 2023 (Macrumors)

applications of streaming of Audio What Spotify annually present a compilation with the songs most listened to by its users in a personalized and different playlist for each person. However, in the case of Manzanaits function of Replay by the year 2023 it will take on a different characteristic.

Instead of being a function which is only shown once a year and only during the month of December, the company Cupertino decided that this compilation be a weekly compilation of the songs most listened to by a person and that can evolve along with the trends and the pleasures of each throughout the year 2023.

This feature that is already present in the most recent version of the application of Apple Music will be active by default and will be offered as a play list additional music that users will have control over as their consumption habits musicals.

Apple Music Replay 2023 (Capture)
Apple Music Replay 2023 (Capture)

Users will be able to access this playlist through the eyelash “Listen Now” button at the bottom of the devices screen and will be next to other playlists from Apple Music Replay of other years until reaching its first version corresponding to the year 2019.

According to the Macrumors website, the new version of Apple Music Replay will allow the constant updating of the list of songs included in a way weekly and every Sunday people will be able to find the songs that they heard most often in the platform.

The compilation list will be present on all devices throughout the week until its new update, which may present a completely different list or keep some of the songs that were the previous week.

In this way the application of Apple Music will collect progressively until the end of the year 2023at which time a Replay in greater depth, with better results and more specific data on the behavior of the users of the platform. The play list final will only display the most streamed songs of the year for a user.

Apple Music Replay 2022. (photo: Apple)
Apple Music Replay 2022 introduced dynamic stories with data about people’s music consumption habits. (photo: Apple)

In the event that people wish to view their play list personalized with Apple Music Replay 2023 and they still can’t do it, it may not have reached their devices yet, but it will be there in the next few days to start collecting the data from reproductions of each person with access to the application.

Apple Music Classic: The new classical music feature

A feature that is close to debuting on devices of Manzana Like the iphone Y iPadis the one that allows access to classical music in high-quality sound formats with Apple Music Classic. Is library contains classical music that can be downloaded just like any other content on the platform regular Apple Music.

Although this feature was already found as part of the code of the iOS systemthis has not yet reached people’s devices and the date of release is not known. launching exact or if it will be included within the application of Music as a category of contents or will require the download from a completely different platform.

Apple Music Classic function.  (9to5Mac)
Apple Music Classic function. (9to5Mac)

The inclusion of this content was part of the list of characteristics that were announced with the arrival of the operating system iOS 16 which was launched last year, but is still not present in the devices of Manzana less than nine months from the launch of a new iPhone and a new operating system.

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