Apple Music Replay, the musical summary of the year for each user: how to access

Apple Music Replay

At the end of each year the Applications streaming as Spotify, Deezer Y Apple Music start the display of the personalized summary of the users on the songs and the artists that they heard most frequently during these months.

In the case of the platform Manzanainformation from the playback history of the app as the number of times an item has been selected song and the time that a album or yet artist in particular.

Once the criteria are established, the system of Manzana generates a custom playlist for the user that includes the person’s favorite songs over the past year.

How to enter Apple Music Replay

Since this feature is available for users to access, here are the steps they need to follow in order to find the abstract of his year in songs:

– Go to the website from in a browser. It needs to be done from a device desk.

– The user must log in to their account Apple Music to be able to start the analysis of the content consumption routine in the platform.

Apple Music Replay is available for access from a desktop computer.  (Manzana)
Apple Music Replay is available for access from a desktop computer. (Manzana)

– If the user wants to share the summary of his play list in social networks, you can take screenshots of the statistics.

– Once you’ve reviewed the stats, just scroll to the bottom of the website to see a special playlist put together by Manzana.

The Apple Music playlist

Clicking on the link will open the application Apple Music on devices iOS either iPadOS of the user. At that time you will have access to the playlist, but not to the statistics it offers Manzana. This will only be available from the desktop website of Replay. This will not work if the query is made from a mobile device.

The playlists specials are generated every year a few weeks after new year, so the list of the year 2022 will be made in the year 2023, and are automatically updated on a weekly basis until the end of the year. According to Manzanathese playlists are automatically generated for each year the user has been subscribed to Apple Music since 2015 when the service was launched.

The list compiled by Apple Music will include the 100 best songs that were listened to by the user during the 12 months of the year and just like it does Spotifythese are not cumulative, so a person can revisit the songs that you ever heard in previous years like 2020, 20219, 2018 until the year 2015.

Apple Music Update

Other service function streaming of music of Manzana which can only be accessed through the desktop web version is the one that corresponds to showing the lyrics of the songs on the screen of the device.

Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.  (Apple Insiders)
Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs. (Apple Insider)

In order to access that version of the application from a pcMac or other type of computerusers must enter the browser of their choice and type in the address bar to go to the official Web of the app.

Once this is done, people who wish to check the availability of this function must enter with their username and password and start the reproduction of any song by your favorite artist. The lyrics should appear in sync with the music on the right side of the screen of the browser.

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