Apple Music will show the lyrics of the songs in its web version

The new function of the streaming application is still in beta testing (Photo: Capture)

A new update would be about to arrive officially on the platform. streaming of music Apple Musicwhich will enable display of the lyrics of the songs in their web version as well as in their versions for iPhone Y iPad. In addition, as an important point for users, is that the test is public accessso it is possible to test its operation.

To be able to access that version of the application from a pc, Mac or other type of computer, users must enter the browser of your choice and write in the address bar to go to the official website of the application.

Once this is done, people who want to check the availability of this function will have to enter with their user and password and start playing any song by your favorite artist. The letters must appear in sync with the music on the right side of the screen browser.

Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.  (Apple Insider)
Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs. (Apple Insider)

While this beta test goes a long way toward enabling this feature within native apps on Mac devices, computers desktop table Manzana They cannot yet display this content within their interface, so if a user constantly wants to see the lyrics of the songs, they will have to enter the beta test every time.

This function of Apple Musicwhich was introduced within its features in 2019, although only for its mobile versions, became one of the favorites of the users of the appwho until now had not had the opportunity to enjoy its benefits in their web version or of desktop application.

Is characteristic was the main difference between app offered by Manzana and the service of Spotifywhich also offers that content to its customers thanks to the licensing and synchronization it offers musixmatcha virtual catalog of song lyrics that the platform accesses in order to display them within its interface.

Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.
Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.

However, with the recent modification by Manzanathe users of Music will also be able to enjoy this benefit which, furthermore, does not depend on another app external to Apple, but the lyrics and content is published directly by the company and made available to its users.

Already in the year 2019 Eddy Cue, Vice President of Services of Manzana indicated that this was the company’s way of working for the introduction of this feature together with the operating system that was about to be released at that time, the iOS 13.

Availability on other operating systems

In addition to this update in the functions of the application of Apple Musicmore people will be able to benefit from this new feature coming soon to the version of desk So Apple and microsoft are working so that devices that use the operating system of Windows can access these services.

Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs.  (Manzana)
Apple Music update will show the lyrics of the songs. (Manzana)

According to Dave Grochocki, Product Manager for Windows, “We know that many Windows customers Windows have photo and video collections in their iPhone’s What would you like to see in your pc”.

Although at the moment the integration of the iCloud service is the only one that has been produced for Windows, it is known that microsoft plans that other services, including Apple Music have easier access in the form of desktop applications supported in the operating system.


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