Apple services that stood out in 2021

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The company founded by Steve Jobs dedicated itself in 2021 to offering, in addition to its new devices, applications and platforms in order to enrich the user experience, for this reason, The technology giant made a report with some of the services that stood out the most during the past year.

First of all, Apple arcade, Apple’s subscription gaming service underwent a major expansion of its catalog, offering more than 200 familiar games, including new releases from some of the best video game developers such as Gameloft’s “The Oregon Trail”. Within the selection of titles, some stand out such as “LEGO Star Wars: Castaways” and “Disney Melee Mania”, the latter consists of a Smash Bros-type battle with the particularity of having the most iconic characters of the Disney franchises.

The video game subscription service is designed for a more casual and familiar gameplay, with the addition that it can be played from any Apple device, allowing you to save your progress and continue instantly on another device.

Another service that caught our attention in 2021 was Apple Music, because, in addition to increasing its catalog of songs, it implemented important and well-received features by the community such as autoplay, lyric sharing, city charts, animated covers, improved search, and tools such as ‘Shared With You’ and the ‘Listen Now’ tab that enhance the experience of discovering new music.

In the same way, Apple also launched a new Apple Music subscription tier called ‘Voice Plan’, which is powered by Siri and allows access to the complete catalog of songs with a simpler user interface, a service that is already available in 17 countries.

Some more interesting additions were for Apple Fitness +, wellness and health application, as it has expanded its selection of exercise routines and meditations with more than 2,000 sessions in addition to an experience entitled ‘Time To Walk’ that combines music with walks, said audio experience was launched on January 10 and has 42 guests who accompany the physical conditioning with their songs. As an announcement at the beginning of the year, Fitness+ has decided to expand to 15 more countries.

Another of the catalogs that expanded the most in 2021 was Apple books, which has more than 8 million books and audiobooks that can be accessed by subscription or for free for a smaller selection of titles, likewise implemented tools such as Audiobook of the Week and Romance of the Week for create new collections and recommended.

Apple Maps It was one of the applications that received one of the biggest updates to date in 2021, as it presented a new three-dimensional city model that shows more realistic details and better driving routes, as well as hiking directions in augmented reality, among others.

The new 3D map offers a visualization of neighborhoods and business districts, as well as custom-designed monuments and a new night mode with a brightness that automatically activates at sunset; however, the new map experience is not yet available worldwide, currently it can be found in cities such as London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, DC Coming soon the 3D map will be available in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver

“With more than 745 million paid subscriptions, Apple continues to connect the world’s developers, artists and storytellers with users on more than a billion devices, delivering powerful tools, content and experiences that deeply enrich their lives every day. ”, explained Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple Services.

Beyond devices, 2021 undoubtedly represented growth in Apple’s portfolio of services, so it is expected that the goal of 2022 will be to expand the majority of these subscriptions to more countries and regions.


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