Apple sues Israeli spyware maker Pegasus

The Silicon Valley giant is seeking a permanent injunction to ban the NSO Group from using any Apple software, services or devices.

The American giant of Apple technology sued the manufacturer of software spy NSO for targeting the users of their devices, claiming that the Israeli company at the center of the surveillance scandal Pegasus must be held accountable to justice.

The giant’s demand for Silicon Valley adds new problems for NSO, which has been embroiled in controversy over reports that dozens of Thousands activists, journalists and politicians were included as potential targets of your Pegasus spyware.

Just a few weeks ago, authorities Americans restricted relations between NSO and groups in that country due to accusations that the firm Israeli “Allowed governments foreign carry out a transnational repression ”.

“To avoid further abuse and harm to its users, Manzana is also seeking a permanent injunction to prohibit the NSO from Group use any software, service or device Apple “, said the company californian in a release released to announce the lawsuit.

“The accused are hackers notorious amoral mercenaries of the XXI century who have created a machinery of cyber surveillance highly sophisticated that invites routine and blatant abuse, ”the firm noted in his case.