Apple to launch its own virtual reality headset in late 2022

Apple would launch its own VR headset in 2022 (Photo: REUTERS / Stephen Lam / File Photo) (Stephen Lam /)

Manzana is ready to give competition to Mark Zuckerberg’s Quest 2 and make him suffer in the market with his first augmented reality viewer (AR) which will come to late 2022, according MacRumors.

Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicted that the viewfinder will have two processors, including one just as powerful as the chip M1 found in the new Apple MacBooks. The power of the processor, he said, will mean that the headset does not need a connection to a computer or smartphone to function.

The second processor will be related to the tasks of devices related to their sensors. The promising viewfinder could be compatible with the augmented reality, where virtual characters and objects are superimposed on the real world, similar to Pokémon Go.

Another of its characteristics will be its virtual reality compatibility (VR), which will place it in the market as a direct competitor of the new generation of headphones of Goal, Quest 2, which will be released next year under the name Project Cambria.

Apple prepares to give Oculus competition (Photo: EPA / JUSTIN LANE / Archive)
Apple prepares to give Oculus competition (Photo: EPA / JUSTIN LANE / Archive) (JUSTIN LANE JUSTIN LANE /)

The apple viewerIn short, it will combine augmented reality and virtual reality; It will have a pair of 4K micro OLED displays, presumably from Sony, where the M1-like processor will give them the necessary power.

“If it is placed only as an accessory for Mac or iPhone, it will not be conducive to product growth. A AR helmet that works independently indicates that it will have its own ecosystem and will provide the most complete and flexible user experience, “said Kuo.

According The Verge, specialist Kuo, is right 75% of the time that he points out about Apple’s advances, however, they said that he is not the only one with credibility talking about the subject, since Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also said that Apple could launch its viewer mixed reality in 2022.

For its part, Facebook has said that its viewers will be useful for metaverse, of which he has given some glimpses of how it will look and function. However, these devices also seek to have their own ecosystem and functions to be independent.

Meta has Oculus selling the Quest 2 for VR (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration)
Meta has Oculus selling the Quest 2 for VR (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration) (DADO RUVIC /)


Apple is not the only company preparing to battle Meta, as on November 2, Microsoft announced that it will bring virtual reality to its popular Teams platform.

At a Microsoft Ignite developer conference, held virtually, the firm said that from 2022 it will begin the integration of aspects of virtual reality and mesh augmented reality in Teams.

Some of the options available will be to create avatars to attend work meetings, social events and generate virtual spaces to interact with other people virtually, creating the feeling of being in the same place, even if you are participating at home or anywhere else.

facebook metaverse VR
; Metaverse of Meta, before Facebook (Photo: Screenshot)

The first step will be custom avatarsHowever, Microsoft said it hopes that in the future these can be replaced by holograms realistic of the person behind.

To access the virtual world of Microsoft it will be, like Meta, with virtual reality glasses, although also from a smartphone or computer.

“The main difference between the announcements by Meta and Microsoft is that the former has a much more leisure-oriented nature (video games or attendance at events such as concerts), while Microsoft’s is more focused, like the Teams platform, to the world of the company, “he said EFE.


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