Apple would be developing a new foldable iPad

Apple plans to launch a foldable iPad by 2024. (Macrumors)

A few months after the launch of new products from Manzana like the new iPhone 15in addition to an update of the operating system of these devices, new details about new Projects company to expand its range of devices as a iPad with folding screen.

According to the technology analyst and who provides information upon Manzana, Ming Chi Kuothe new product of the company Cupertino would reach the official stores and distributors of the company during the year 2024 after proceeding with its development throughout the period 2023.

In addition, the expert indicated that sales of this type of device are expected to show a decrease of between 10% Y fifteen % compared to last year, so the release of a new foldable version of it could boost sales and revenue records in this category of product.

Apple plans to launch a foldable iPad by 2024. (9to5Mac)
Apple plans to launch a foldable iPad by 2024. (9to5Mac)

“I look forward to the iPad folding in 2024 and I hope that this product will benefit shipments and improve the product mix”, indicates the specialist, who also informed that one of the outstanding characteristics of this product will be that its frame will be lighter and more durable. “There may not be any new iPad releases for the next few 9 or 12 months”, assured Kuo.

Rumors about the appearance of a iPad with a folding screen they are not new, because from the 2022 experts and analysts have slipped the possibility that the company led by Tim cooking seek to take advantage of this technology.

According to Ross Young, the CEO of the Display Supply Chain consultancy indicated that the workers of the technology company are working on a new product that merges the concepts of a MacBook and a iPad, indicating that it could have both functions if a keyboard is added as an accessory. This would be possible with a folding screen approximately 20 inches.

According to Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter and specialist in technology of the United States also indicated something similar and added that the new product of Manzana could include a system in the screen that facilitates the appearance of a virtual keyboard when folded, something similar to what a tablet created by ASUSthe Zenbook 17 Fold, which includes a physical keyboard accessory magnet.

ASUS created the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED tablet that can generate a virtual keyboard by folding and includes a physical keyboard as an accessory.  (ASUS)
ASUS created the Zenbook 17 Fold OLED tablet that can generate a virtual keyboard by folding and includes a physical keyboard as an accessory. (ASUS)

Kuo also assured that during the next few months the iPad will not experience major updates on its software and that in addition to a iPad folding people will be able to see a new iPad mini which will also begin to be produced in the first months of the year 2024.

In addition, these products Manzana They would have an OLED screen and some other features that would be carried from the iphonesuch as the possibility of wireless charging with technology MagSafe and the attachment of other devices and accessories magnetically.

iPhone 15 upcoming release

When it comes to device introductions this year, it has been reported that the new iPhone 15 which could be launched on the market in September 2023 It has already started its production with a view to observing possible points of improvement in its manufacture as in the supply chain.

According to an article published in the Daily Economic News, initial production of these devices typically begins during the first three months of each year after Manzana issue a trial production order to give yourself enough time to make improvements to the production linemake sure that the iPhone does not have operability problems, as well as make changes to the components of the cell phone so that it has a correct performance in the tests that are carried out.

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