Apple would say goodbye to “Hey Siri” with a new way to call the assistant

Siri. (photo: iPadizate)

In the future, Manzana you can remove the popular wake-up phrase from Siri (“Hey Siri”) of all his devices. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the Cupertino company is investigating the possibility of calling the assistant simply by saying the word “Siri” with a command or question; something that apparently allows a more natural and fluid communication.

However, this change isn’t expected to happen until next year or even 2024. Gurman notes that removing the current command and summoning the assistant with the “Siri” keyword is a big “technical challenge” because Apple needs to improve its artificial intelligence and its capabilities for Siri to recognize a word with different tones or accents.

“Complexity means that Siri can understand the singular phrase “Siri” in multiple different accents and languages. Having two words: “Hey Siri”, increases the probability that the system receives the signal correctly”, Mentions Mark Gurman.

In any case, and if the company finally manages to make the activation phrase “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”, the user would just have to say something like “Siri, please set the alarm for 7:00 in the morning” and the action would magically take place.

It is also very likely that this change will reach all the company’s devices that can use the voice assistantincluding iPhone, Mac, iPad, AppleTV, HomePod either AirPods.

Siri wants to keep up with Amazon and Microsoft assistants

Apple is not the only company that allows you to activate an assistant, in this case, Siri, with a single word. In fact, amazon already offers the possibility of summoning Alexa saying his name. Also Cortanathe virtual assistant microsoft.

Nevertheless, Google is a step behind, as it is still necessary to invoke the Google Assistant with the phrases “Hey Google” or “Okay, Google.”

Before Siri, the Mountain View corporate assistant has a feature that allows you to execute a series of commands without having to say the wake phrase again. For example, you can say “Hey Google; Turn on the lights and play Bad Bunny’s latest album.”

Siri seems to be more responsive than its two main competitors, Alexa Y Google Assistant. The company, yes, could improve the integration of its assistant with third-party services and apps.

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.  (photo: YouTube)
Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. (photo: YouTube)

Siri commands to control an iPhone

There are some very simple Siri commands that you may already know or have never thought to use due to their simplicity.

This voice assistant can control an iPhone, as well as setting alarms, reminders and a shopping list, asking how to get to different places and even talking about topics of interest. To the luck of the readers, all these commands are specified in this note made by Infobae a few months ago.

For now, this is a checklist for getting the most out of Siri using an iPhone. Remember that when you want to ask Siri something, for now you have to start with “Hey Siri.”

– Open an app. It is used for the apps of the device and for the new ones that are installed.

– Turn on or off. connect or disconnect Wifi, Bluetoothmobile data, etc

– Volume up or down. Ideal for audio, music or video apps.

– Mute either silence. Turn off or stop what was playing at that moment.

– Put X on Spotify. Ask Siri for music by a singer, album, song, or playlist Spotify.

– Play music from. By default, Siri plays music from Apple Music. Ask him for anything: lists, styles, songs, groups, artists, albums, among others.

– Call X. Try to call one of the contacts. It is also used to make face time.

– Send a message from X to Y. You can send text messages from the official Apple app or by indicating which app to send it with and which contact you want to write to.

Use Siri to show the COVID-19 vaccination certificate.  (photo: hypertextual)
Siri on an iPhone. (photo: Applemania)


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