Apple’s mixed reality glasses for virtual meetings without controls

Apple wants its mixed reality glasses to have a “digital crown” that easily switches the view mode between virtual reality and augmented reality. (photo: MacWorld Spain)

The project of Manzana for developing a completely new platform that supports technology of augmented reality Y virtual reality has generated greater curiosity among the followers of the brand, who since 2015 with the apple watch they have not had access to new products from the company’s ecosystem.

Even though it was reported that the development of these devices would experience a delay, the Cupertino company keeps it as one of its priorities and rumors have increased about some of its characteristics. One of the most striking because at the moment there is no in the market devices that have these characteristics, is the possibility of creating meetings virtual full length between two people using realistic avatars.

According to mark gurmanreporter of Bloomberg and specialist in technology and Apple, indicated that the company’s glasses project would have functions than anyone else device in the market would have and that could be presented at the Annual Conference for Developers of Manzana (WWDC23) and would be officially launched at the end of 2023, although these dates are referential and the execution of the plan will depend a lot on the evolution of the Project.

Apple seeks that its mixed reality glasses have a
Apple wants its mixed reality glasses to have a “digital crown” that easily switches the view mode between virtual reality and augmented reality. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo/File Photo (MIKE SEGAR/)

Advanced mixed reality technology

One of the important aspects of these devices that are still in the development phase is that it is planned to have more than 10 internal and external cameras that will not only allow people to see what is happening outside, but will also analyze behavior of the hands of people to generate commands as a result of their motion.

Apple is looking for a device that does not require the purchase of specific controls or accessories dedicated to the registration of the behaviour hands like other options on the market that have a system of triggers Y buttons to control what is seen on the system.

On the other hand, the Viewers of mixed reality use a system to track people’s eyes and their behavior to generate visual commands such as selecting an item from the screen. Bloomberg indicates that both types of commands they can be used together and that, in principle, the thumb and index finger would be used for it.

Although the glasses Manzana will be mixed reality, the company also considers necessary the ability of the device to change the mode of display without problems, so the possibility of incorporating a “digital crown” similar to the one that the Manzana watches to make the change between reality augmented and the virtual reality when necessary.

Apple could replace the iPhone with augmented reality (AR) glasses.  (photo: iPadize)
Apple wants its mixed reality glasses to have a “digital crown” that easily switches the view mode between virtual reality and augmented reality. (photo: iPadize)

Because the virtual meetings are part of common digital interactions, the company technology He also intends that the lenses can generate sauce of meetings Y video calls wearing FaceTime in which they are generated virtual avatars full body and with which you could interact as if they were in the same space physical than the user.

Bloomberg indicates that in the event of gatherings in which the number of people that the full body function would support is exceeded, the guests would appear in the form ofmemoji” custom, so that chat icons can represent a person and their facial expressions at least at a basic level.

since a new device requires the creation of new content, Apple would have already been in Contact with other companies like walt disney Y Dolby to adapt some of its products to this product for which Manzana also seeks to adapt material from AppleTV+ for reproduction with these lenses.

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