Apple’s mixed reality headset could cost more than $2,000

AppleGlasses. (photo: Applesphere)

The latest rumors dictate that the glasses of mixed reality from Manzana They will cost about the same as macbook pro and the reason for this is the power they can have.

The most recent leaks speak of Apple‘s mixed reality headset being priced much higher than expected. About, They will cost $2,000.

This information comes from the hand of Mark Gurman, a famous leaker specializing in Apple news, who explains that the price may have a justification, and it is the power of mixed reality glasses because many rumors claim that they will have the processor of the MacBook Pro.

The The focus of the glasses will probably be on the world of video game, content and media consumption. This first installment is especially striking, especially since Apple has never been fully interested in the world of video games, despite the fact that they constitute a part of the base income in the app store from iOS.

Apple's mixed reality headset could be heading to the gaming sector.  (photo: Nilxer)
Apple’s mixed reality headset could be heading to the gaming sector. (photo: Nilxer)

Problems with some components and possible delay

Apple’s mixed reality headset, which is supposed to be released later this year, they could be delayed until the end of 2022 and even 2023.

According to Gurman, there are some limitations to the heat problem. The reason is that the lenses will use high end processors, commonly used in commercial computers. Of course, these components generate heat and the method of heat dissipation must be completely different in a device which is very different in shape and size from a computer.

In fact, the source mentions that the glasses will use two processors, known internally as N301. One of them could have a similar performance to the M1 Pro that we found in the most recent generation of the macbook pro.

Fan inside a MacBook Pro M1.  (photo: Apple Support Communities)
Fan inside a MacBook Pro M1. (photo: Apple Support Communities)

The two challenges that Apple faces with its Mixed reality glasses

As a general rule, to overcome the thermal challenge, Apple had devised a external processing device that transferred data wirelessly to the lenses.However, they dropped the proposal when Jony Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer, objected to the idea.

Another challenge facing Apple engineers is the cameras that will allow them to offer augmented reality experiences. The supplier of these components will be LG, which will start production in the second half of 2022.

AppleGlasses.  (photo:
AppleGlasses. (photo:

The WWDC 2022 could offer more details of the software

Apple’s original plan was to introduce its VR/AR glasses in WWDC 2022 and reach the market in the coming months. However, those led by Tim Cook they have informed their production line partners that the launch could at least be delayed until next year.

“Apple recently informed supply chain partners that the device likely won’t launch until 2023, according to people familiar with the discussions. However, they are still pushing vendors to have units available by the end of this year to be ready for launch,” says Mark Gurman.


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