Arab sheikh authorized and paid for the grilling of Argentine fans in the streets of Qatar

The sheikh saw the bar, authorized to put up a grill and bought 200 hamburgers so that the Argentine fans could celebrate in Qatar.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is bringing more than one anecdote for all its attendees. In this case, a group of Argentine fans saw the kindness of an Arab sheikh, who not only authorized them to have a barbecue in the streets of the city, but also paid for it.

In the already viral images on social networks, a fan of the ‘albiceleste’ tells how this Arab arrives where several fans of Argentina were concentrated and helps to carry out this barbecue.

“Yesterday we were playing ball, a sheikh came with his truck and brought down about 20 packages of mineral water. We told him that we were going to make a barbecue and that they would not let us put on the grill”, the fan told TyC.

This last point motivated the sheikh to carry out a great act for the fans: not only did he authorize the grill to be carried out in the place, but he also brought hundreds of hamburgers for it.

The rest is happiness: the hundreds of Argentine fans queued up to be able to eat the present. ‘Here, enjoy it.’ All these people are eating thanks to that sheikh,” he said.

The groups of Argentine fans are managing to carry out their grills in the streets of Qatar, a country with laws that are very different from those of Latin America.

For example, a few days ago, a group of them managed to carry out a barbecue in a supermarket cart.