Aracely Arámbula criticizes Luis Miguel for not seeing his children

For several years it has been known that Luis Miguel has not seen his sons Miguel and Daniel, the result of his relationship with Aracely Arámbula and it was even speculated that the famous woman filed a lawsuit for the singer to fulfill his obligations with the teenagers.

Recently Aracely Arámbula gave an interview to several media outlets that asked her if it was true that she did not allow Luis Miguel and his children to coexist, something she denied.

“The only thing I do want to tell you is that the statement that came out over there in Spain that I did not allow my children to see their father is a total lie, that is why I clarified it and told them that it is false. He has always had his doors open.”

In the conversation, the actress said that she really disliked Luis Miguel and did not want to see him, since he has behaved very badly.

“They said that I had to be present so that he could see them, to begin with I’m not interested in seeing his face because I really dislike him, right now I really dislike him, he hasn’t behaved well at all.”

Aracely Arámbula stressed that she hopes Luis Miguel reconsiders, gives himself the opportunity to live with his children and leave his ego behind.

“They said ‘she has to be present’ because it was when they were 4 and 6, but now they are 16 and 14, they are already taller than him, so I hope that if he has that awareness of seeing them, he has to look for them, that they are not there.” waiting for them to arrive at the concert like when he snaps his fingers and everyone is there, I mean the truth is that just as that huge sun rises, I don’t want to say anything bad, but I’m going to say the things I feel, as big as his ego that his heart is that big for his children.”

The famous woman also explained that although Luis Miguel is a great artist, that does not prevent him from also being a good father and gave other singers an example.

“Being an idol does not mean that you cannot be a good dad, see Alejandro Fernández with his children on stage, with his granddaughter; Chayanne, people who have cared for me with a lot of affection, with a lot of heart, who have cared for my children, who my children have affection for them and admiration for and how is it possible?