Aracely Arámbula referred to Luis Miguel as “king cockroach”

  • “La Chule” expressed that “he was able to get out” of a harmful sentimental relationship, in a clear allusion to the 53-year-old interpreter

In recent days, Aracely Arámbula surprised the public by appearing at a conference given by the personal motivator Jorge Lozano, who is the creator of the Ingobernable project. And it is that the actress received applause and ovations after she sent a possible hint to her ex-partner and father of her children, Luis Miguel.

And it is that in the conference entitled “Marital Status: Ungovernable”, where Lozano seeks to empower women in their sentimental relationships, the soap opera actress such as Abrázame muy fuerte and Soñadoras, accompanied by her friend Michelle Vieth, was present among the public.

In the clip that has gone viral on social networks, you can see how at a certain point in the talk held on May 13 at the BB Auditorium in Mexico City, the speaker greets the actresses who were sitting in the seats between the public.

It was then that when noting that Aracely Arámbula was among the audience, the actress from La madrastra stood up to greet the audience made up only of women and gave them a message that sparked applause.

“Mamacitas, if I came out of the cockroach king, you can come out of any boy,” said the 48-year-old actress, prompting laughter and screams from the audience. With this comment, the famous “Chule” hinted that by “cockroach” he refers to the father of her children.

This comment comes amid the information that has been released about Luis Miguel, who was captured with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas and her daughters in Spain, while he has remained distant from his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas, and from the two children that he procreated with Arámbula.

And it is that during the morning of May 10, photographs of Miky began to circulate driving a car in the company of Paloma and the daughters she had with her ex-husband, Enrique Ponce. In the sequence, Luismi can be seen getting out of her vehicle to accompany the little ones to the door of her school.

The paternal attitude that Luis Miguel demonstrated divided opinions on social networks, since he was never seen accompanying Miguel and Daniel, whom he procreated with Arámbula, to school.