Arath de la Torre tells Ferka live that he can’t stand her

Arath de la Torre does not tolerate Ferka.

Arath de la Torre makes Ferka ugly live.

Arath de la Torre, host of ‘Hoy’, He is back in the eye of the hurricane for his comments.

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At the end of May this year, Arath of the Tower was involved in the controversy when the driver Joanna Vega-Biestro She pointed out before the cameras that the presenter offended her in the presence of her daughter, at a children’s party.

Now, the actor returns to star in a new scandal by launching a controversial comment against Maria Fernanda Quiroz ‘Ferka’who was a guest in the morning of Las Estrellas.

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It turns out that Arath de la Torre did not realize that he had the microphone open or turned on when he launched an unfortunate comment against the couple of Jorge Losa.

“Today they invited Ferka to the ‘Hoy’ program, she was invited, Ferka arrived and it turns out that she was doing some kind of dance with two other girls. They had just been introduced they left the microphone of Arath de la Torre open and he said he couldn’t stand it and it was heard on the air”, commented Maxine Woodside, owner of the radio program ‘Todo para la mujer’.