Are Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli expecting a child? This is what the actress said

Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli have been dating for more than 8 years.


The famous acting couple Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli has been in the spotlight recently due to the rumors that they are expecting their first child together. However, they revealed that It was all an April Fool’s Day joke.

They deny that Angelique Boyer is expecting a child

Boyer and Rulliwho have been together for more than eight years, are one of the most beloved couples on Mexican television. Despite constant rumors about a possible pregnancy, the couple has always kept their private life out of the public eye.

Recently, the rumors of a possible pregnancy gained momentum when an X account shared that the actress was pregnant with Rulli. Fans of the couple were excited about the possibility that they were expecting a baby.

However, it was later revealed that It was all an April Fool’s Day joke.. In a publication, the user who spread the news explained that it was just a joke on December 28.

Despite the joke, the couple’s fans have shown their support and have written messages of love and good wishes to Boyer and Rulli.

It is worth mentioning that the actors have already spoken about the possibility of having a baby. For its part, Rulli He is already the father of a son, the result of his previous relationship with the actress Cecilia Galliano. Despite her separation, Rulli has maintained a close relationship with her son and has shared several photos of them together on social media.

In short, although the rumors that Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli are expecting a child have caused quite a stir, The couple has no plans for a baby.. The couple’s fans no doubt believed the news, but they forgot what it was Day of the Innocents.

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