Are Cazzu and Christian Nodal expecting another child? This is what is known

Cazzu and Christian Nodal became parents just four months ago.


Cazzu would have boasted his baby bump in some photographs that quickly made the rounds on social networks, causing a stir among his followers.

This weekend, We inform you at TVyNovelas about some suspicious photographs of Cazzu and Christian Nodal which would be tremendously revealing, as they would be conclusive proof that the couple is expecting another baby.

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In the images and videos, which soon went viral, you can see cazzu celebrating Christian Nodal’s 25th birthday dressed in a sexy tight white dress that showed a suspicious tummy which was interpreted by many as the upcoming arrival of a baby to the family.

Are Cazzu and Christian Nodal expecting another baby? Amid speculation, here’s everything we know about this popular singing couple.


#FlashazoLaMejor After sharing #nodal’s birthday celebration, thousands of fans of the Sonoran and #cazzu assured that it could be that the couple is expecting their second child, this by capturing a mysterious tummy 😱🔥 Could it be that they are expecting their second baby? #daldaughter #dalsecondson #damnpregnant

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Until now, Neither Cazzu nor Christian Nodal have officially confirmed a second pregnancy; However, some statements by the Mexican singer made in a past interview would seem confirm the rumors:

During the talk, Christian Nodal assured that I wanted to have many children (more than four) and for them to get along with little age difference.; That is why a second pregnancy for Cazzu, who gave birth just four months ago, does not sound so far-fetched.

It is important to remember that Cazzu did not officially announce her pregnancy until she was several months pregnant., a practice that could be repeated; so far, Argentina’s posts They are only related to his last live album, C14TORCE.