Are Juan Gabriel’s audios real? Maryfer Centeno analyzes them

Seven years after his death, there are those who still think that the native of Parácuaro, Michoacán, is still alive.

I invited the Artificial Intelligence specialist, Alejandro Moreleón, to analyze the voice notes of the Divo de Juárez to find out if they are true or not.

Last Friday, September 1, he arrived at the editorial office of my program Graphs and gestures, from Radio Formula, a series of audios, apparently by Juan Gabriel. Below is what the audio said exactly:

“My loves, I am Juan Gabriel, to all the fans who waited for me to return, well it happened, I want to tell you that the one who has taken care of me is Joaquín Muñoz during all these years that I faked everything, he has supported me and taken care of me , and I also want to deny Martha Figueroa, because she never contacted me to make a documentary that is coming out,” Juanga is heard saying.


Alberto Aguilera Valadez, the artist’s real name, died at the age of 66 from a massive heart attack on August 28, 2016.

Juan Gabriel’s fortune, when he died, was valued at 30 million dollars, according to the Celebrity Net Worth site; while the magazine Forbes placed Juan Gabriel in position 18 of the richest artists in the world with earnings of 11 million dollars in 2015 alone.

The president of Universal Music in Latin America, Jesús López, announced that, in the last 12 years of activity only through ticket sales for his concerts, Juan Gabriel accumulated 160 million dollars.

Joaquin Muñoz, who was once Juan Gabriel’s former assistant, has said in all the media in the country that the singer is alive; He even said that he had cut a nail wrong.


Joaquin Muñoz


Alejandro Moreleón, an expert in Artificial Intelligence, analyzed the audio to unravel whether it was a vocal fraud or, in reality, it was a voice note recorded by the singer.

According to the expert, there are determining factors that allow us to recognize when it is a reliable voice note or a false one, and he indicated that there are vocal laboratories in which an audio can be created from constant listening to other existing audios that review the voice: If you listened to that audio and started training an Artificial Intelligence engine, you could clone a voice.

The voice has a unique signature known as the “spectrographic pattern”, which makes all its elements unrepeatable, made up of tone, gravity and tempo, the speed with which one speaks.

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Alejando Moreleón said verbatim: “I see certain patterns that sound very similar, he is very well trained, it gives me my doubts, but I would say it is Artificial Intelligence”; Furthermore, he highlighted that it is easier to resemble the singer’s voice, however, if they tried to replicate his singing, it would be almost impossible for them to achieve it. “Sing like the good Divo from Juárez, there is no AI engine that can achieve that.”


The audios correspond to Juan Gabriel’s voice because it is a vocal clone; However, it has nothing to do with Juan Gabriel being alive.