Are Wendy Guevara and Rosalía friends? The influencer reveals intimate conversation with the singer

Wendy Guevara reveals that she has communication with Rosalía


Wendy Guevara reveals that she has communication with Rosalía. What do famous people talk about?

Wendy Guevara managed to increase his popularity during his participation in The House of the Famous Mexicoa reality show with which he also stole the singer’s attention Rosaliaso many Internet users began to speculate about a friendship between the two celebrities.

Through her official social networks, the Influencer revealed that she had a conversation with the composer of ‘Bizcochito’, ‘La noche de noche’ and ‘Motomami’, among other hits.

In addition, Wendy Guevara confessed that Rosalía is one of her biggest followers on her social networks and consumes live videos with which she achieves a stronger connection with her fans.

What did Rosalía say to Wendy Guevara?

Precisely, through a live video, Wendy Guevara announced the conversation she had with Rosalia and she hinted that there could be a friendly relationship in the future, since the singer admires her.

“Right now we were talking to Nicola and then I sent him messages that I’m talking to Rosalía,” Wendy began to talk. “Well, Rosalía is very pretty. I have sent messages to several artists who have been supporting me. She He sent me audios, where he tells me very nice thingstold me: ‘Wendy, you don’t know how much fun I have with your videos, I really love you’.

“I also sent her a message, I told her: ‘Oh, people were asking you to vote for me, that you supported me in the House of Famous People, what a beautiful girl, I thank you’, and very pretty, she behaved super beautiful just now that we were talking,” shared the content creator.

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