Argentina and Armenia celebrate three decades of diplomatic relations

Argentina and the Republic of Armenia celebrate this monday the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“In the three decades that have elapsed, our countries have developed cordial and friendly relations based on close cooperation in various areas, in which the active political dialogue, the broad legal framework, the parliamentary diplomacy, the cultural, economic and commercial exchange and solid ties between our peoples”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, ararat mirzoyan, in a letter addressed to the Argentine Foreign Minister santiago cafiero.

June 1992: Official visit to Argentina of the Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrossian

On September 21, 1991, Armenia became an independent nation after a referendum in which its population enshrined the country’s exit from the then Soviet Union, of which it was a part as one of the socialist republics. One year later, On January 17, 1992, Argentina established diplomatic relations with the new state.

30th anniversary of Argentina-Armenia diplomatic relations
June 1998: official visit of Argentine President Carlos Menem

Mirzoyan also appreciated the “recognition and condemnation” by Argentina “of the Armenian genocide that have the force of law since 2007″, which reaffirms “the role of the Argentina as a defender of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Armenian community in Argentina is the largest in Latin America, with approximately 250,000 Argentines with Armenian roots, according to Hovhannés Virabyan, diplomatic representative of Armenia.

30th anniversary of Argentina-Armenia diplomatic relations
January 11, 2007: the Argentine Chamber of Deputies promulgates the law that recognizes the Armenian genocide

Argentina welcomed a large number of Armenians who came to the country fleeing the genocide perpetrated by the Turkish government in the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923.

“We deeply appreciate towards the friendship of the Argentine State and its society for having welcomed our compatriots who survived the Great Tragedy (for the genocide of 1915-1923) and having given them their support”, Mirzoyan highlighted.

30th anniversary of Argentina-Armenia diplomatic relations
A welcome banner for Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrossian during his visit to Argentina in 1992

The chancellor also valued the Argentine support for the peaceful solution of the conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh of 2020, which faced Armenia with Azerbaijan for 44 days until the peace agreement was signed in November of that year.

“The Republic of Armenia attaches special importance to cooperation with Argentina, both in the bilateral framework and at the international level”added the Armenian Foreign Minister.

For its part, the Argentine ambassador to Armenia, Mariano Vergara, celebrated the very close political relationship” of both countries, as well as the “very positive image of Argentina and Argentines” that exists in the Caucasian country, and He urged to increase commercial ties, for which he proposes to create an Argentine Chamber in Armenia.

30th anniversary of Argentina-Armenia diplomatic relations
The Armenian Prime Minister receives the Executive Director of Corporación América, Martín Eurnekian (MKHITAR-KHACHATRYAN/)

Likewise, the Embassy of Armenia in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Paraguay He also highlighted Argentina’s commitment to human rights, once again valued the reception given to its citizens during the Armenian genocide and opted for deepen trade cooperation ties between Buenos Aires and Yerevan.

“Argentina is the fifth country with the largest direct investments in the Armenian economy”, highlighted the embassy in a statement. “Economic and trade cooperation between our countries has great potential for development. This anniversary is a turning point to value what has been achieved and work hard to complement it with innovative and creative proposals and projects, but also practical and sustainable”.

30th anniversary of Argentina-Armenia diplomatic relations
The Armenian Prime Minister tours the activities of Eduardo Eurnekian’s companies (Karas)

During the course of 2022 the Embassy of Armenia will carry out cultural activities and business events, which will be dedicated to the anniversary being celebrated.

“Facing the future, we are united by a spirit of renewal, entrepreneurship and pragmatism”the Embassy said. “We are confident that a future of constant growth and evolution awaits our bilateral relationship. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to work for the diversification and deepening of Armenian-Argentine cooperation. in favor of the future development and prosperity of our peoples”.

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