Ariel Awards 2023: When and where to see the awards for the best of Mexican cinema

The 65th delivery of the Ariel Prize probably of Mexican cinema, It’s counting down. Tonight, from the Degollado Theater in Guadalajarathey will meet to the more than 20 winners that they will take home the golden statuette.

“Bone”, the horror film by Michelle Garza Cervera, tops the list of nominations with 17, between them Film and Direction, followed by “The North Over the Void”, by Alejandra Márquez, with 16 and “Bardo, false chronicle of a few truths”, by Alejandro González Iñarritu, with 12.

This is the first time, after more than 60 deliveriesthat Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences determined to leave Mexico City and chose the entity which has the oldest film festival in the country.

Everything you need to know to follow the awards closely

-Where to see it: Channel 22 from 7:30 p.m. will transmit part of the red carpet and the ceremony.

-At the local level Jalisco TV will start with a special program from 5:00 p.m.

-On networks: The Academy’s Twitter and Facebook accounts they will give to know the details of the delivery.

-What will be awarded: 24 categories dedicated to all areas that make up a film; The statuette is also given to short films and Ibero-American films.

-Special awards: Every year the career of members of the film community is recognized with the Golden Ariel. This year it will be given to filmmakers Marcela Fernandez Violantewho for health reasons will not attend, and Juan Mora. It will also be recognized to the Department of Sound Image of the University of Guadalajara.

-You for you: Practically “Huesera”, “Bardo”, “The Fall” and “The North Over the Void” faces will be seen in the categories of Film and Direction.

-The future: Emili Berjón, daughter of the actress Arcelia Ramírez, are nominated in the category of Actor Revelation, for his work in “Trigal”, In it are the teenagers Déja Ebergengi (“The Fall”) and Isabel Luna (“Huesera”) and the boy Diego Armando Lara (“The Kingdom of God”), as well as the septuagenarian peasant Eustacio Ascacio (“Red Shoes”).

-Doubling: The animated filmHome is somewhere else”, of Carlos Hagerman and Jorge Villalobos is considered in Animated Feature Film and Documentary Feature: And “Huesera” is in Best Film and First Film.

The Ibero-American: “Argentina, 1985” (Argentina), “1976” (Chili), ““As bestas” (Spain), “Carajita” (Dominican Republic) and “The Kings of the World” (Colombia) They compete for the statuette dedicated to the region’s cinema.