Ariel López Padilla is moved by ‘La Chupitos’ and ‘El Indio Brayan’

The guest judge Ariel Lopez Padilla He does not have a favorite in the ‘Hoy’ contest but says that today was one of the most emotional episodes of ‘The stars dance in Today’.

“In the end we were really moved. We saw some contestants dance like they hadn’t. They did exceptional numbers, ”says López Padilla, who makes up the jury panel along with Lolita Cortés, Latin Lover and Andrea Legarreta.

This Friday, Arantza she danced alone since who had been her partner, Foal, you left the competition because you had work commitments that you had previously acquired.

“What he did Arantza it was exceptional. Seeing her dance alone, with that effort she put in, without a partner… it was something of great emotion ”, says López Padilla.

The actor and dancer recalled that the departure of Sugey Abrego last week he had a similar emotional toll. “There were those who considered it unfair that Sugey left but she was living a process with her father. And what we are discovering is that this contest is not only about dancing, it is also about discovering stories, about how people are transforming themselves through the effort involved in dancing ”.

This week, at the request of the jury, no couple was expelled.

Ariel Lopez Padilla He said that as a judge he was amazed by the work done by ‘La Chupitos’ and ‘El Indio Brayan’, a couple who danced to a musical number of ‘Cats’.

“They moved me because it is a work in which I participated many years ago, with María del Sol and Susana Zabaleta. It brought back many memories and nostalgia ”.