Arnold Schwarzenegger detained at Munich airport

  • It is known that Arnold Schwarzenegger had to spend around three hours detained at the airport and answering a series of questions

The renowned Hollywood action movie hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, due to an omission in his customs declaration.

German customs informed Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the 76-year-old Austrian-American actor, former governor of California, did not mention a watch intended for sale.

Although Schwarzenegger is likely to continue his trip, his watch will be detained in Munich, according to a spokesman for the customs administration, Thomas Meister.

The German authorities have initiated criminal action against him, as he should have declared the entry of the watch and paid the corresponding duties, given that the valuable object will remain in a European Union (EU) country.

According to the German newspaper Bild, the actor intended to auction off his watch at a dinner organized in the famous ski resort of Kitzbühel on Thursday.

The auction aimed to raise funds for climate projects supported by Schwarzenegger, including various works of art and valuables.

The situation highlights the setback experienced by the actor in his attempt to contribute to charitable causes through the auction of his watch.