Art Basel is over: Miami was at the top of the art industry

Art Basel It has become the miracle of Miami. so he said Mera Rubellof Rubell Museuma The New York Times. The great gallery fair allowed the city to become a thriving cultural node.

The Rubell couple, Mera and Donald, came from New York in 1993 and formed their collection, which in 2019 opened as a museum in allapattah. This is just one example of how art and the city have expanded and developed together. Another case is that of craig robinsa great promoter of art in the city: you just have to see the before and after of the Design District Miami. Another extraordinary sample is The Bass Museum: In 2017, it increased its exhibition space by 60% and recently announced that the city will grant it USD 20 million to build a new wing.

From Art Basel Miami Beach, artistic movements such as The Rubell Museum, The Bass and Design Museum were consolidated, and even started. (@nachomartinfilms)

The cultural industry has definitely settled in Miami, something that has not happened anywhere else during the same period. Art Basel was the prow of this monumental movement. Even the city, historically associated with the beach and nightlife, has become an attractive space for artists, curators and other actors in this creative scene to settle.

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Argentine footprints in Art Basel

Argentina had a strong presence in the 2022 edition of Miami Art Week. The international presentation of the collection of Love Amoedo at The Bass Museum. The Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) inaugurated the first individual sample of Leandro Erlich in the USA, liminal, with a work that the public liked a lot: swimming pool. And the Hotel Faena It stood out for its installations on the beach, which mobilized many people to appreciate art in a less formal setting than a gallery.

Art Basel - Miami Art Week
The cultural industry established residence in Miami, argued the renowned art gallery owner, and Art Basel was the prow of this movement. (@nachomartinfilms)

My own gallery Maman Fine Artin Allapatah —an area of ​​great growth in Miami, the new neighborhood of art— has received the visit of curators, museum directors, collectors, who have been particularly amazed by the work of Martha Boto Y Gregorio Vardanega.

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Miami as a brand

These 20 years of Art Basel have been decisive in positioning Miami as a city of art and of growing economic development. Miami has become a world reference point, where people want to live. In recent years many important companies have moved, with a genuine character.

Art Basel - Miami Art Week
Miami Art Week 2022 showed a great presence of Argentine art, Maman stressed. (@nachomartinfilms)

In economic matters, the event once again leaves a very favorable balance for Miami. Art Basel, at its 20th edition, brought works worth billions of dollars. It’s known that Bowl with EggsA piece of Jeff Koons —an edition of five made in resin—sold for USD 7.5 million, a agnes martin for USD 7 million and a work of Andy Warhol for $3.8 million.

Although the turnout was not the usual, due to the coincidence with the soccer world cup qatar 2022, it is undeniable that sales were very good. Art Basel confirmed Miami at the top of the art industry and a place where more and more people want to live.

Daniel Maman is a renowned Argentine art dealer with great influence on the visual arts and culture of his country. His keen eye is behind important private collections. In addition to his gallery in Buenos Aires, in 2013 he opened Maman Fine Art Miami.


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