Art week begins in Miami and all eyes are on the NFTs

A woman walks through the NFT BAZL showroom (Photo: EFE) (EFEI0499 /)

Officially, Miami Art Week runs from December 2 to 5. Unofficially, it has already started. The main course, and the one that started this movement more than a decade ago, is Art Basel. The largest art fair in the world, of Swiss origin, has made this city its home and little by little it has been bringing other fairs, shows, exhibitions and parties of all kinds. Tomorrow Basel opens for VIP collectors at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This will be the first in-person fair since 2019. Last year’s was canceled by COVID 19. In Miami Beach you will be able to appreciate the pieces brought by 253 galleries from around the world, with works ranging from the classics of historically established masters to the productions of new emerging artists.

The other big fair is Design Miami, which focuses on displaying unique pieces of furniture from the 20th and 21st centuries. Art Miami, the oldest art fair in the city, celebrates its 31st edition this year. This year it will bring large pieces of Picasso and Botero, particularly a work by the Spanish artist valued at 16 million dollars that will be showing the David Benrimon gallery in New York.

But in the year that Miami is fighting to become the capital world capital, with the transfer of dozens of technology companies that made the city the place in the United States with the highest number of job offers, it is logical that during art week the big stars are expected to be the NFTs (non-fungible tokens for its acronym in English).

Visitors walk outside Art Basel (Photo: Reuters)
Visitors walk outside Art Basel (Photo: Reuters) (Arnd Wiegmann /)

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that they represent something unique, indivisible, transferable and with the ability to demonstrate its scarcity. It’s basically digital art that has a high resale value that many investors are betting on.

At first it was cryptocurrency enthusiasts who were investing in NFT, but now they have become somewhat more common among all people. They are available at all prices and, as often happens with art, in a matter of months they can get a lot of value. This year Christie’s auction house came to sell a NFT at $ 69 million.

They can be animations or static art. They can be unique pieces or limited copies. Depending on all this, and who made them, the price varies.

But apparently among those who attend art week in Miami, no explanation is needed about the NFTs. There are ten events and fairs dedicated exclusively to this type of art.

The most resounding is the NFT BZL Conference, where curators, artists, enthusiasts, critics, investors and collectors will come together in various panel discussions, digital galleries, auctions and, most importantly perhaps, parties.

The installation “Plastic Tree” by Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou (Photo: Reuters) (Arnd Wiegmann /)

The Faena hotel, in Miami Beach, will have an important NFT component this year in its art week events. With the Crossroads exhibit, an event divided into various locations. It will run between November 30 and December 5.

For those who are interested in theory, the public debate about the NFTs they will have will be unmissable. Beeple, renowned graphic designer, with the painter Peter saul and the collector Adam Lindemann under the umbrella of events Curator Culture.

The works of the Spanish artist Dagoberto Rodriguez digitized by the artist Joan Valent they can be seen these days in the Piero Atchugarri gallery. The Wynwood Studios gallery will have a temporary crypto art show between December 1 and 4.

The character created by the baseball player Micah JohnsonAku, an African-American astronaut who traveled to the international space station, will have a stake in Miami as well. A life-size installation of your helmet will be available for those approaching the Wynwood area.

Who buy cereal these days from the brand Off Limits they will receive a toy NFT. And for those who are not going to any events this week, digital art will also be made accessible just by opening their eyes on the street. Throughout the city of Miami there will be 50 posters digital artwork with a QR code to purchase a copy of the piece if desired.

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