Artificial Intelligence predicts what the world will be like in 2100

  • The tool detailed a hyperconnected world in which diseases will be fought even before presenting symptoms

According to the data consulted by the magazine Muy Interesante about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools GPT-4GPT-4 and Midjourney, about how society will function in a few decades, the same AI that is already part of life everyday life, predicts that in the future “it will be that invisible and silent force like electricity.”

According to AI information, the way of living will change completely, since over time technology will improve and offer immersive experiences that currently seem far away today.
The technological tool foresees that in 2100 most human tasks will be carried out by Artificial Intelligence assistants, activities that will range from cleaning to cooking, or tasks that require more mobility such as shopping and even entertainment, a future in which everything It will be optimized, personalized and automated.

Autonomy in transport will be the norm in the mobility of the future, cars, buses, trains and even planes could operate autonomously, something that sounds like an episode of Black Mirror, but according to AI it will be a reality.
The technological automation of vehicles would put an end to road accidents, since there would be a communication network between transports to optimize the flow of traffic and thus avoid accidents.

The tool envisions a scenario similar to that of the world of the Fifth Element or the most cosmopolitan city of Star Wars, since the data showed that we will not only move on the surface, but that space tourism will become as common as it is today to take a flight to another country.

In about 80 years, architecture and nature will find a balance, but they will also be intertwined with technological advances, which is why GPT-4 envisions skyscrapers covered in vegetation, which will help absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and forming habitats for species.

Humanity’s commitment to the environment would be more compromised, in order to ensure human survival, so new sources of clean energy could be common, since the use of biofuels and the energy generated by daily activities They would be our daily bread.

AI predicts a more revolutionary reality, stating that by 2100 people will live with a small device attached to the bloodstream capable of monitoring health status in real time, in addition to predicting diseases long before symptoms appear, it would be Medical care 24 hours.