Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from photos

Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from stock photos. (photo: Unocero)

The popularity and uses that people they give to the artificial intelligence has diversified over time and has generated that most of the Web applications have functions such as image creation based on textgeneration of videos, sounds and even music based on textual descriptions, in addition to producing images photorealistic.

Although most of these software have functions derived from photo editingone of the characteristics that one of them has in particular is to eliminate the brands or watermarks of photographs of archive or that were taken by any agency that includes credits on the images.

According to Web page official app call Watermark Remover, The watermark removal service is free and you only need to upload an image that contains a watermark or stamp on it. Once the content is processed by the artificial intelligencethe platform will return the same image but with the difference that the words or symbols that were included will have been completely removed.

Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from stock photos.  (Watermark Remover)
Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from stock photos. (Watermark Remover)

The technology that applies on this platform Web It is not very different from the one used by other applications that are dedicated to removing the background of a particular image and, like any other software of photo editing or imaging, it may show some glitches or errors in the final results on some occasions when the watermark occupies a large portion of the photograph or uses transparencies little pronounced.

The benefit for users is that because this service is free and freely accessible, the artificial intelligence used is constantly learning and improving its systemsso that the errors or malfunctions that it presents will be reduced with time and the use that people make of it.

However, even though the Benefits of users are varied, there is also a highly relevant negative aspect, which is that this application could represent a legal problem for the people who use it, since they would be infringing the car rightsr of the people who took the Photographs.

The reason why the creators of the artificial intelligence were not accused of infringing copyright is because the platform indicates that, although the service makes it easy for people to delete the watermarksit is the responsibility of each user to use illegally the tool.

Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from stock photos.  (Capture/WatermarkRemover)
Artificial intelligence removes watermarks from stock photos. (Capture/WatermarkRemover)

“The watermark is a mechanism effective copyright protection. However, the aesthetics of the images is broken during the process (…) we suggest that users do not delete the watermarks images for commercial use, or remove watermarks from images with Copyright”, is stated in the FAQ posts of the Web page.

Besides, the publication also mentions that in order to proceed legally with the removal of the watermarkspeople must have the authorization of the authors of the images before using them, especially when it is a commercial application.

So while the tool offers a quick solution to get high-quality images without marks to ruin the display of the Photographs, it is preferable that the use given to these is not commercial or public. exist image banks alternatives that allow the free download of images without these stamps, so these platforms are recommended as a priority.

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