Artist Addresses Her ADHD Through Cut-Sheet Artwork

Japanese artist Lito creates exquisite works of art from fallen leaves

Fallen leaves become the material for Lito’s intricate artwork. This self-taught Japanese artist took up this art form in 2020 as a way to help manage his ADHD.

She found that the act of transforming delicate fallen leaves into unexpected designs helped her focus.

With patience and steady hands, Lito sculpts a series of playful miniature narratives. Often, he uses one half of the blade to carve animals and the other half as a stage, using the vein of the blade as a “floor”.

Surprisingly, Lito is able to render the faces of his characters in such a way that the viewer can make out their expressions, especially when the piece is held up to the light.

Despite the level of detail in his work, Lito manages to keep the blade intact, never breaking the material even when the cuts are just fine lines. Additionally, he often adds small perforations within the compositions, such as paw prints in the “grass” or windows in the “buildings” to add more finesse to the finished piece.

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