Artist creates hypnotic compositions with stones on the seashore

Artist Jon Foreman creates fascinating works of art with the nature around him

Artist Jon Foreman creates amazing works from the nature around him. Scouring the beach, he finds rocks of all shapes and sizes and uses them to bring hypnotic designs to life in the sand.

Foreman uses stones of various types with the idea of ​​transmitting movement in a static work. This often involves stacking and placing the individual rocks based on their size. This creates a wave formation, which is very appropriate considering where most of these pieces are located.

As a land art artist, Foreman is at the mercy of what his environment offers him. But rather than see this as a limitation, the UK-based creator sees an opportunity. In a piece created on the beach at Gelliswick in Pembrokeshire, he adds a new color to his palette: red.

“That seawashed brick is a great color to mix with the more obvious stone colors like gray and brown,” he writes. “I’ll probably work here more often!”

Tone adds another dimension to your amazing compositions.

As all of Foreman’s work is set in nature, his life is usually quite short. The only way to be able to enjoy his long-term arrangements is through photographs. Foreman sells prints of his work through his SmugMug store.