Artists start lawsuits against artificial intelligence that generates images without copyright

Artificial intelligence illustration. (photo: Unocero)

A set of designers initiated legal action against the tools of artificial intelligence Midjourney Y Stability AI in addition to the companies that developed them, since they allege that the function that these software have to produce realistic images or with different styles at the request of the users violates the regulations of the Copyright of “millions of artists”.

The document of the lawsuit indicates that the programs of these tools were trained using works by different artists available in Internet without your consent, so these artificial intelligence models generate works of realistic art inspired by or drawing distinctive elements from the works of others artists to apply them to digital creations.

Among the affirmations of the claimant artists, it is also indicated that these platforms make “combinations of styles and designs” during the process of creating new imageswhich allows a single work created by an artificial intelligence to violate the Copyright of more than one designer either graphic artist.

Using this artificial intelligence, a combination of what would become Batman and The Lord of the Rings was created.
Using Midjourney’s artificial intelligence, a combination of what would become Batman and The Lord of the Rings was created.

What is indicated by the group of lawyers who are involved in the legal process, is that the objective is to seek a compensation fair for the artists whose works were part of the training process of the tools. The estimate is that if developer companies were fined one dollar for each “stolen” image, the total amount would be approximately 5,000 million dollars.

If the claim for the Rights From author, the market for image generation using artificial intelligence tools could be severely affected. Even more if one considers that there are companies that are trying to incorporate this type of software at your service to benefit users.

One of these companies would be Shutterstockwhich is currently one of the largest stock image platforms in the world and which since October 2022 had expressed its desire to incorporate the generation of images at your service, although it would involve the tool DALL-E2 and not those that are directly related to the case.

The Lord of the Rings created by the AI ​​DALL-E 2. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)
The Lord of the Rings created by the AI ​​DALL-E 2. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)

Although it is not an initiative that has already been officially launched on the market, conversations did begin between the company and Open AI so that the images that are generated by artificial intelligence obey the indications proposed by the users. According to the company, the photos that are in the library would be used to train this toolfor which compensation would be paid to the photographers whose works are selected.

In addition, even before, during the year 2021, Open AI bought the license of some images of this Web page to train your artificial intelligence. This would be the reason why artists have not raised accusations against this tool.

Similarly, Microsoft also intends to incorporate the generation of images at the request of users in future versions of the search engine Bingwhich would also use a DALL-E2 to generate this new function that at the moment does not reach the Web page. The objective of the company technology is that people can find the best images as a result of their searches following the precise indications of the people.

Bing Image Builder (Microsoft)
Bing Image Builder (Microsoft)

In addition to seeking integration into the artificial intelligence from Open AI to the Bing search engine, Microsoft is in the development of another tool in which DALL-E2 will also be involved in the generation of images based on text: the application of Microsoft Designerwhich would be responsible for generating graphic elements such as social media posts, cards, banners, flyers, etc.

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