Arturo Carmona confirms romance with a girl 16 years younger and this is the opinion of his daughter Melenie

At last the heart of one of the most sought-after singles in the middle of the show is occupied; Arthur Carmona confirmed to TVyNovelas that she is dating Michelle Orozco, a young host of a Televisa Monterrey news program. Exclusively, the actor told us the details of this new romance and also told us what his daughter thinks of him, Melenie Carmona Villarrealof their relationship and that her handsome father goes out with girls who, due to their age, could be his sisters.

It transpired that you had an affair with Michelle Orozco, is it true? Yes, I am dating her, we are seeing what happens; because of the distance sometimes it is complicated, she is in Monterrey and then she comes to CDMX to record because she is also an actress, and we meet, but we are in the process of getting to know each other.

What encouraged you to give yourself a new chance with this girl? They are things that you cannot program or schedule, sometimes you do not realize it and things arise by chance; suddenly there is that chemistry, and when you least expect it you are already well in love, even formalizing the relationship. However, I believe that the important thing, before starting any courtship, is to heal, be happy and not look for happiness elsewhere.

In your case, first you gave yourself time… Yes, it is important to give yourself time, be alone, enjoy yourself and then feel ready to share your time with someone.

Has age influenced your relationship? Yes, it’s smaller, let’s not go into details (laughs). She just turned 30 and I’m 46, So there are factors that you have to think about, but I’m not fighting with age; I’ve had partners even younger than her, one or two years, but in the end you have to realize that there are stages in her life and, in this case, I can’t anticipate hers.

Still, have things flowed well between you? Yes, sometimes one does not feel like doing many things, going to parties or doing things that the other person has to live with, that can be a reason for differences, but so far we are doing well; What I don’t want is for someone to force themselves to refrain from living things for me, nor do I want to do something that doesn’t go according to my stage of life, I’m going to look ridiculous in a club kicking lunchboxes (laughs).

What does your daughter tell you about this relationship? Does she agree? I tell my daughter things until it is something formal, although she has always been aware of my life in every way, I share that part with her until I know if the relationship is really going to transcend. She knows that sometimes there are rumors, that one is in the process of a relationship, and she understands if she does not introduce someone.

What does he think of you dating girls who might even be his sisters? Well, yes, actually (laughs). Once my daughter warned me to be very careful because her friends were asking her about me, so, in the end, I do think about everything, I think one should have the maturity to think about the future.

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