Arturo Vidal’s unexpected dart to Ecuador in the middle of Inter’s celebrations for the title in the Italian Cup

Arturo Vidal claimed for the nationality of Byron Castillo (Photo: AP) (AP /)

The Qatar World Cup 2022 slowly approaches and expectations grow. But before the biggest soccer event gets underway, three participating teams from the different playoffs still need to be defined. And the resolution of a controversy: Chile’s accusation of Ecuador for the inclusion of the player Byron Castillo, of whom he points out that he is actually Colombian.

The case is already in the hands of the FIFA and, in an official statement, the body that regulates sport throughout the planet revealed that the trans-Andean team “presented various allegations about the possible falsification of the documents that grant Ecuadorian nationality to the player Byron David Castillo Segura”. Then, the entity that directs Giani Infantino expanded on the news of the case and also included in the investigation the federation of Peruwhich is close to playing the playoff against United Arab Emirates.

Within that context, Arturo vidal took advantage of the Inter celebrations for the consecration of the Italian Cup with his partner Philip Caicedo to send a subtle message. The Chilean published a photo with the Ecuadorian striker and accompanied him with two sentences. “Champions brother”, he quoted him at the top and then slipped his claim: “This is Ecuadorian”. It should be noted that the 33-year-old striker retired from his national team in 2017.

Arturo Vidal's publication with Felipe Caicedo on the Byron Castillo case (Photo: Instagram)
Arturo Vidal’s publication with Felipe Caicedo on the Byron Castillo case (Photo: Instagram)

At the time Carlos Alfaro Moreno, president of Barcelona de Guayaquil and club owner of Castillo’s file, gave his version of the events. “The court in second instance determined that Byron is Ecuadorian. It is a closed issue. This boy has suffered the opinion of the whole world. There is no document that certifies that Byron Castillo has another nationality. We must leave him alone. For me he is one of the best players in the tournament and it is the coach’s decision not to call Byron. You have to respect what Gustavo Alfaro decides”, closed the leader.

At the legal level, Chile is waiting for a resolution, because if the relevant courts consider Ecuador lost the matches in which Byron defended his shirt, The Red would add 5 more points and thus ascend to fourth place that grants direct quota. Infobae contacted important members of the Ecuadorian federation who They dismissed the possibility that their team will be displaced from the World Cup in Qatarprotected by judicial approval dating from June 2021 for Byron Castillo to be summoned.


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