Ary Tenorio, Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend, attacks Cynthia Velázquez, was there infidelity?

Luisito Comunica is currently in a relationship with Ary Tenorio.

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The breakup between Luisito Comunica and Cynthia Velázquez occurred 5 years ago, but a statement has sparked controversy.

Luisito Comunica and his girlfriend Ary Tenorio are being criticized for a statement that the youtuber’s ex-girlfriend just made. ‘Cat tongues’, as Cynthia Velázquez is known in the media, took the influencer’s clothes out into the sunand claimed that his current girlfriend may have been the third party responsible for their breakup about 5 years ago.

What happened between Ary Tenorio and Luisito Comunica?

It all started with an interview with ‘UnTalFredo’ where Cynthia Velázquez opened up about her past and pointed out Luisito Comunica for his faults in the relationship they had.

“At first, everything was very team-based, I think it was until his crew became very large that it started to become kind of shady, the whole thing about making a lot of money quickly. (…) I severed that relationship and people don’t know it. “No one knew, no one knew until this moment, that I cut him off, I got out of that relationship,” he said.

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About the reason why he ended up with Luisito Comunicaexpressed that, in the last 6 months, she suspected that he had cheated on her with another woman, and had even brought her into the house.

Quickly, the topic of Ary Tenorio came up, and she talked about how people think that Cynthia is jealous of her current relationship with Luisito, and even put on the table the fact that it is possible that she was the cause of the breakup, as well like his confession about a reaction to the comment where they called Ary a ‘bit*’.

Look what Cynthia Velázquez said about Luisito Comunica and his girlfriend:

What did Ary Tenorio say?

Ary Tenorio was the first to react to the ‘hate’ that came to her after “the version” declared by Cynthia Velázquez. Through her personal Instagram account, the Venezuelan model expressed her discontent for being designated as ‘the lover’.

“A lot of hate is raining down on me again for something that I have nothing to do with, except that now they are labeling me as the lover. And I always stay silent, because the truth is that these things seem very low to me and I am not ready for this, but this is as far as it has come,” she stated.

Ary confirmed that Cynthia had apologizedbut from a secondary account, and alleged that if she had started the controversy, it was correct for her to offer a public apology.

Luisito Comunica responds to his ex-girlfriend and defends Ary Tenorio

Given this confrontation, Luisito Comunica also joined the dispute to clarify the statements of his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Velázquez. In several Instagram stories, The youtuber clarified that the dates on which they ended were different to when she began her current courtship with Tenorio, in 2019.

“What a theme of laziness.”

“Ary has nothing to do with all this (the relationship),” Luisito clarified. And then he stressed that she has the right to give her opinion and say what she wants in the interviews, but he asked that she also talk about “the bad things” that she also has.

“I also found several things from several people,” Luisito said. Finally, he said that he will no longer talk about the issue and asked that they not want to involve his current girlfriend in this controversy. “What a theme of laziness,” he concluded.

Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica responded to the controversial statement of his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Velázquez.

(Instagram @luisitocomunica)

Who is Cynthia Velázquez, Luisito Comunica’s ex-girlfriend?

Cynthia Velázquez is a Mexican YouTuber who became famous on the Internet for her stage name: ‘Lenguas de gato’. Some also call it ‘La Chule’.

The influencer worked alongside Luisito Comunica for several years, when the influencer began his career as a content creator. Since 2014, they had been together, ending their relationship in June 2019.

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