ASAP Rocky says ‘having kids’ with Rihanna is his ‘best creation to date’

  • ASAP Rocky corroborates the idyllic stage that the two artists are going through

The rapper ASAP Rocky has brought out his most touching and familiar side while boasting, with his usual impudence, of his lovemaking skills.

His relationship with the singer Rihanna and, specifically, having fathered his children RZA, 18 months old, and Riot, born just three months ago, with her, has become his main source of satisfaction.

Asked about the possibility of signing a new collaboration with the pop star, whether musical or within the framework of their parallel work as creative directors of the Puma brand, in their respective fashion lines, Rocky has revealed that his best collaboration “to date” has already materialized. «I think having children has been our best creation to date.

There is nothing better than that,” he told Complex magazine. The performer has also exhibited his spiritual fervor, attributing to a “phantom designer called God” how well things are going for the couple on all fronts. “And we already have our beautiful angels, so that is our best collaboration,” he insisted in his conversation.