“Ask her who needs to tie who”: Elizabeth Gutiérrez attacks Jacky Bracamontes

Only they will know when, why and if they really broke up, but William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez they continue to give something to talk about, although this time the scandal reached Jacky Bracamontes.

It turns out that in 2017, in his book ‘La catwalk of my life’, Jacky Bracamontes talked about his romance with William Levy when they were recording ‘Sortilegio’; Apparently, she believed that he was single, but it turned out that he reconciled with Elizabeth and it was confirmed that they were expecting a baby.

In the publication, Jacky would have implied that Elizabeth Gutiérrez got pregnant on purpose to retain the Cuban, so Érika de la Vega asked her about it for the podcast In Self-Defense. Elizabeth replied:

“I have never talked about this because it has never interested me, really, and I choose what to answer. PFor me it is a lack of respect for both families, because why tell something like that. And I also think that if you are capable of thinking about it, it is because you are capable of doing it”.

So Elizabeth answered in one go: “I have no need to tie down any man. I only have two children, and if you’re wondering about that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two. So ask her who needs to tie up who.”

He also added: “I admired that person. I thought she was an admirable person, a good woman. Unfortunately, I had to know another side of her, nobody told me, I lived it, then later she writes a book and wants to see herself as a victim when it is not. Putting that part that I got pregnant, it makes me a little bad taste, but well, nothing happens, I wish you all the happiness in the world. “