Assailant gets nervous during robbery and even scolded came out

On social networks you can find all kinds of viral stories, now he touched on the case of a thief who got nervous and was even scolded by one of the passengers on public transport he got on, that’s the story.

The video that already exceeds more than 12 million views on TikTok was uploaded by the user Jorge Zac, it is not known where it was taken, but it shows an assailant who got on a truck to try to assault the passengers.

“Wallets, cell phones and money here in the bag, without looking at my face, because if I don’t get angry, please, because…”, he says before taking a sheet from his pants on which he had written down everything he had to say to those involved.

That’s when one of the passengers begins to scold him, telling him that if he plans to do something, even rob, he needs to do it right. “You don’t even know your text, if you want, better get off to practice and then get on another one to assault well,” says the woman, who apparently did not generate any fear of the assailant.

“I’m a new friend,” the assailant replies. “Well, what to us, if you are going to skip us at least, do it well. My parents told me, whatever you do, do it well and you don’t even know how to steal,” the woman tells him.

“It’s my first day, my dad was just locked up and I have to support my family,” mentions the assailant, to which the user asks him once again to do things right.

“Okay, give me your hand, give me your bag,” he says to the woman who refuses: “No, why am I going to give it to you? You don’t even say please, please ask for things. Now get down on your knees and ask me for things,” the woman replies.

The other passengers inside the bus remain silent while the woman argues with the assailant and tells him that he needs to do things right, because it is not even ashamed that he is stealing, but rather that he does not know how to do it.