AstroForge will launch its first missions this 2023 for space mining

AstroForge will launch its first ship in April of this year. If it manages to orbit successfully, it will send a new mining machine to an asteroid in October

The AstroForge company will start its first space mining missions this 2023 with two precursor tasks in this industry. The American startup wants to melt metal in weightless conditions to collect it and bring it to Earth, opening a field in which agencies such as NASA have already given interest.

space mining
AstroForge’s roadmap consists of two missions this 2023. In April, the company will launch Brokkr, the first of its ships, aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

His goal is simple: he wants to reach low orbit to see if he can refine platinum in zero-gravity conditions.

If he succeeds, he will open the second chapter of the year. By October, Brokkkr-2 will search for an asteroid with precious metals to orbit it and scan its resources to exploit.

After that, already in 2024, it will test a landing mission on space rocks with the Brokkr-3. By 2025, the fourth mission will be key: it will land, collect ore and refine it in the same space to bring it to the planet.

possible candidates
Space is full of asteroids rich in different materials, but AstroForge has not yet communicated which one the mission will be carried out on.

The company is working with NASA and the Planetary Science Institute precisely to identify a viable candidate for these missions. For the moment, I already had a clue: it is an asteroid closer to Earth than those in the Belt between Mars and Jupiter.