At 114 meters high, it breaks a record and celebrates 469 years of Sao Paulo

Barefoot, Rafael Bridi walked 510 meters between two buildings in the South American metropolis.

The Brazilian Rafael Bridi crossed 510 meters on a rope suspended 114 meters above the ground, between two buildings in the center of Sao Paulo, thus breaking the height distance record in an urban area of ​​America.

Barefoot, the 35-year-old tightrope walker covered the distance in about 25 minutes, balancing on the rope arranged over the Vale do Anhangabaú, a public space in the center of that gigantic city.

“I was focused on breathing and maintaining a relaxed posture so that it was a walk for pleasure, not for a very great effort,” said Bridi, after descending on the roof of the building.

They were also allowed to “enjoy the view, look down, look at the stage, the people, greet those who were in the buildings. I can’t remember the thoughts because he was so focused,” he added.

Bridi, with brown hair and a bushy beard, is a specialist in these challenges with two Guinness records in highline, a discipline consisting of balancing on a tape anchored at two points, at heights greater than 10 meters.

“Sao Paulo is very different from anything one can imagine in Brazil and in the world,” he said.