At least 20 journalists were detained in Moscow during a demonstration by wives of soldiers fighting in Ukraine

The Russian police arrested this Saturday at least 20 journalists during a demonstration at Red square of moscuorganized by wives of soldiers fighting in Ukraine and demanding the return of their husbands.

A reporter from the AFPdetained during the protest, indicated that between 20 and 25 journalists, including foreign reporters, were with him in a van, on the way to a police station in the Russian capital.

The group of reporters, all men, were detained while covering and filming the women walking towards Red Square.

Video footage showed police herding journalists in yellow press vests into police vans.

For several weeks, the wives of the mobilized men have been organizing protests outside the walls of the Kremlindemanding that the men be taken home.

The movement arose from the anger of relatives of reservists sent to Ukraine under the president’s September 2022 mobilization decree Vladimir Putin.

The movement, extremely sensitive for the authorities, has so far gone unpunished.

State media has ignored it, as Russia has strict censorship laws.

The issue is especially uncomfortable for the Kremlin ahead of the presidential election in March, in which Putin is running for a fifth term in the Kremlin.

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