At least 35 people died in India after the floor of a temple collapsed during a religious celebration

People surround a structure built on the shaft of an ancient temple that collapsed on Thursday when a large number of worshipers turned out for the Hindu festival of Ram Navami in Indore, India, Thursday, March 30, 2023. (AP Photo) (Uncredited /)

At least 35 people died from the collapse of the floor of a Hindu temple in the region of Madhya Pradeshin central India, during a festival.

According to the relief teams and the Army, while the rescue services continue with the tasks in the area, “35 people have died” so far, he informed the press. Ilayaraja T.official of indorewhere the accident took place this Thursday.

The official added that there are at least a missing person and the operation for his rescue is still ongoing.

The event took place on the afternoon of this Thursday after the floor of the temple Beleshwar Mahadevlocated in the city of Indore, gave way and dozens of people fell into a well in the middle of the celebrations of the festival known as Ram Navami, which marks the birth of the Hindu god Ram.

“Since the well collapsed and there was also water in the well, people also drowned,” said Ilayaraja T.

The head of government of the region, Shivraj Singh Chauhanspecified yesterday before the media that the collapse of the infrastructure was due to excess weight, overcrowding and the heavy footsteps of people passing by and reported the opening of an investigation.

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