Atlas vs Pumas: Dinenno’s controversial move that could be marked as a penalty

(Photo Twitter / @ LaPizarraDelDT_)

This Sunday night the last semifinal of the tournament was played Scream Mexico Opening 2021. And after 22 years without playing a final, the set of Atlas He achieved his long-awaited pass to the game for which he will fight for the title of the First Division of Mexico.

However, their qualification to the grand final experienced different ups and downs. Although he dominated a large part of the match, he suffered a score against him and various injuries that worried the red and black bench.

But the climax of the game was the moment when Juan Ignacio Dinneno he ran to dispute a ball very close to the small area. Due to the inertia of the play and the work of the rojiblaca defense, Anderson Santamaría left his arm stretched, which caused him to hit the face of the university forward.

The shock was strong as Dinenno fell to the grass and when he raised his face his nose would not stop bleeding. Medical assistance immediately arrived to attend to the footballer. During that time, the game’s whistler ran to the VAR to analyze a possible criminal because of the intention of Santamaría.

After analyzing the moment of the play in detail, he ruled out the possibility and did not score a penalty. But later a counterattack from Pumas would come and in a Chilean attempt, Dinneno accidentally hit Carlos Alberto Angulo, who He was knocked out.

Without consulting the VAR, Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán took the red from the author of the only goal of the game. Although the action was not intentional, the Argentine player was encouraged to complain and talk with the referee, but he was unable to reverse the situation and left the field at minute 93.

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