Attack against ‘Gossip no like’: they try to silence them and loot their facilities

On the morning of this November 8, upon arriving at the facilities from where they broadcast their program ‘Gossip no like’, the team realized that they had forced the doors, cut the electricity cables and had stolen equipment.

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani did not let themselves be defeated in this attempt to silence them, so they broadcast live from the presenter’s house, in precarious conditions but with a clear message: “They will not be able to stop the truth. If they want to keep trying, his face is going to come out publicly.”

They explained that at the scene “they left a message that the police are already investigating. We are sure that the people were professional because they disconnected the alarm and the electricity.”

They warned the material and intellectual author: “We have hidden cameras that are not going to be able to violate. You are in an investigative program, do you think we were going to have cameras that you could see? Obviously not.”

They also detailed: “They took specific things. It is a mafia message, intimidate yourself. We know that there is someone here who knows us and the truth is that people are already beginning to suspect. Whoever it is, we will find it and we will investigate it until death, and we are going to expose it publicly”.

Equipment, cameras, computers. Some collectibles and a phone number were stolen as part of the mutiny. “Yes, we lost a lot of money, but the important thing is that they want to shut us up,” said Ceriani, while Beristain asked for help: “If you know anything about this, you can contact [email protected]

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