Attacks on women’s schools in Iran grow: more than a hundred students were poisoned

Hundreds of female students were hospitalized this Wednesday after being poisoned in 13 schools in Iranin the middle of a wave of poisonings in female educational centers in the Persian country.

The students were hospitalized after suffering eye irritation, dizziness and headaches in eight colleges and institutes in the city of Ardebil, three schools in Tehran, one in Parand and another in Kermanshah, the reformist daily reported. shargh.

These new cases add to at least 30 gas poisonings registered in female educational centers since November in the Persian country.

Authorities have announced that most of the girls hospitalized today have been discharged.

“The students smelled a gas similar to that of other schools that have suffered poisoning,” he told shargh the president of the Ardebil University of Medical Sciences, Ali Mohammedian Erdi.

As in previous cases, they claimed to have perceived a smell between a mixture of rotten orange and cleaning products.

In Tehran today there have been registered three cases of poisoning in girls’ schools in which the students have suffered symptoms similar to previous cases, which have led to hospitalizations.

The discontent between parents does not stop increasing before the apparent ineffectiveness of the authorities, who fail to stop these attacks that seem destined to paralyze the education of the students.

Thus, several dozen parents today shouted “death to the government murderer of children” in front of the Yarjani school in Tehran, which experienced a poisoning incident, according to videos shared on networks by the collective 1500tasvir.

At the gates of other Tehran schools worried parents they discussed with the staff of the centers.

Meanwhile, the security forces continue to find no clues and doubt whether they are deliberate attacks or mere accidents. “Great efforts are being made to identify the source of student poisonings”, said the police chief of the Persian country, Ahmad Reza Radanto Iranian media.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi meets with Police Chief Ahmad-Reza Radan (Presidential Website/WANA -West Asia News Agency-/Handout via REUTERS/File) (WANA NEWS AGENCY/)

“No one has been arrested so far and we prefer not to judge if it is a deliberate matter,” he added.

The position of the police chief clashes with that of other senior officials in the country, such as the Vice Minister of Education, Younes Panahiwho stated that it is about “intentional attacksto close girls’ schools.

The first case of poisoning was registered at the end of November in the holy city of Qom, a town that has suffered the highest number of cases, and in recent weeks they have multiplied in several cities of the country.

The wave of poisonings in girls’ schools comes at a time of great tension in Iran, which has been rocked in recent months by protests over the death of the young woman. Mahsa Aminiafter being arrested for not wearing the Islamic veil properly.

These protests have had a strong feminist component, with many Iranians removing their headscarves, and even burning them.

The protests, however, have lost strength significantly after the executions of four protesters and in recent weeks there have been hardly any mobilizations on the streets of Iran.

(With information from EFE)

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