Augusto Bravo breaks the silence after infidelity scandal with Adianez Hernández

Adianez Hernández and Augusto Bravo cheated on their respective partners.

After Adianez Hernández came forward after accusations of infidelity What did the actress do against her? Larisa Medizabal upon discovering that the driver was unfaithful to her husband Rodrigo Cachero with her then husband, Augusto Bravoimages of the former participant of ‘Survivor’ with Augusto at a party, which would confirm that Adianez and Bravo continue their courtship.

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“I don’t want to judge myself, I’m not going to defend myself because there are indefensible things, clearly I’m not perfect. With Rodrigo my love ended, I know that I should have separated in time, that I should have done things in a better way, but sometimes it is easier said than done… I didn’t know how to control my emotions, and yes, I fell in love “, acknowledged the TV Azteca actress.

Now, Augusto Bravo, who has a chicken business, spoke before the cameras about the media scandal that his infidelity with Adianez Hernandez.

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Augusto Bravo breaks the silence after infidelity scandal with Adianez Hernández

“I have already apologized to the people involved, I make it public, especially to Larisa and Santi (son who had Larisa Mendizabal with Rodrigo Cachero), obviously also to Rodrigo (Cachero), I only have words of gratitude for Larisa and Santiago, because they opened the door of their house to me for 11 years.”

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“My relationship with Larisa was incredible, obviously it was me who failed, not her, I take responsibility, I am the one to blame,” he expressed in an interview with ‘Ventaneando’.

Regarding whether he continues his relationship with Adianez Hernandezbecause the former presenter of ‘Perfect Escape’ confessed that she did fall in love with him, Augusto commented: “She said that, I have nothing more to comment, my life is not public, my life is not of interest to people… I apologize to everyone.”