Australia will ban vaping and raise tobacco taxes to prevent the next generation from being addicted to nicotine

A person poses for a photo while vaping in Melbourne on March 23, 2023. (Diego Fedele/AAP Image via AP) (Diego Fedele/)

He australian tobacco tax will increase by billions of dollars in the next four years.

The Minister of Health, Mark Butlerannounced on Tuesday that will ban recreational vaping to prevent the next generation from becoming addicted to nicotine.

He tobacco tax will increase by 5% per year starting in September, according to Butler, for a total increase of A$3.3 billion ($2.2 billion) in four years. This follows an increase of A$234 million ($157 million) for a stricter regulation of e-cigarettesincluding new controls on its importation and packaging.

“Electronic cigarettes contain more than 200 chemicals They should not enter the lungs. Some of them are in nail polish removers and herbicides,” Butler said.

The government will work with states and territories to ban the sale of vaporizers in retail and convenience stores and facilitate obtaining prescriptions for therapeutic use.

Vape pens are displayed in a display case at a vape shop in Melbourne, Australia, on May 2, 2023. (REUTERS/Sandra Sanders)
Vape pens in a display case of a vape shop in Melbourne, Australia, on May 2, 2023. (REUTERS / Sandra Sanders) (SANDRA SANDERS /)

to face the growing black marketgovernment Will Raise Vaporizer Standards, restricting flavors and colors. It will call for pharmaceutical-style packaging, a reduction in the maximum concentrations and volumes of nicotine allowed, and a ban on single-use vapes.

“This is a product aimed at our children,” Butler said. “Vaping has become the #1 behavior problem in high schools, and it is spreading widespread in primary schools. This must end.”

Butler said the hard-won gains in public health effort regarding the rsmoking reduction they could stay canceled by “new threat”.

Steve Robson, president of the Australian Medical Association, the country’s leading medical association, backed the move. “We know that the new generation of young Australians are getting hooked on vaping and this is a great initiative,” he said.

The general director of the Alcohol and Drugs Foundation, erin lalorclaimed that most people who vape in Australia use unregulated products, with no idea what’s in them.

“Some people who vape, including young people, may be unknowingly consuming nicotine and have developed a dependency,” he said.

will launch a public health campaign A$63 million ($42 million) to discourage Australians from taking up vaping and encourage those who have already vaped to quit. The support programs to help Australians quit vaping will be strengthened with an investment of A$30 million (US$20 million), and will strengthen the education of health professionals about smoking and nicotine cessation. The government will allocate another 140 million Australian dollars ($94 million) to a program to help indigenous people quit smoking, which will be expanded to include vaping.

Australia has one of the lowest smoking rates among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, with 11.2% of Australians aged 15 and over smoking in 2019, according to government statistics.

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