Avril Lavigne confronts nudist activist on stage

This is how Avril Lavigne confronted a naked activist who interrupted her during a speech

Avril Lavigne has firmly confronted a shirtless woman who stormed the stage at the 2023 Juno Awards in Canada, interrupting the singer’s speech.

At first, Avril Lavigne kept her composure before the woman, who climbed onto the platform not caring that the singer was speaking.

Lavigne was the presenter for the artist AP Dhillon on Monday at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and it was during her speech that the woman came up and began waving to the audience.

It had “Save Greenbelt” written on its back. The activist protested against the decision of the Government of Ontario to sell almost 3 thousand hectares of the Greenbelt natural protected area to convert them into housing developments, according to national media.

Lavigne ignored her at first, but then told her “Get off the f…” and repeated “Get off the f… but…” between laughs. Security members removed the woman from the stage.

Marvel star Simu Liu complimented the rocker on her reaction and for “handling that lady like a champ.” Lavigne won the TikTok Juno Fan Choice and humorously accepted the award.