Bad Bunny and J Balvin fired Marciano Cantero

The singer of Enanitos Verdes was invited to OASIS, the album that the reggaeton figures released as a duo in 2019

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 8, Horacio Eduardo Marciano Cantero Hernández passed away in his native Mendoza. The news shocked music fans across America and many fired the Enanitos Verdes singer and bassist on social media.

Among many, the condolences of Bad Bunny and J Balvin stood out, current stars of global reggaeton who in 2019 invited the man from Mendoza to join “Un peso”, a song by OASIS, the album they signed as a duet.

“May God have you in glory, Marciano Cantero. We will never forget your good vibes and disposition with such humility. You are a giant and you will be because you marked a generation FOREVER, ”the Colombian wrote in the early hours of Friday, a few hours after his death, and next to a photo in which he is seen with the Argentine singer.

On Friday afternoon, Bad Bunny also paid his tribute to Marciano. Simple, without words, only with a black and white photo of the Argentine, to which he added the emoji of a dove with an olive branch – a characteristic symbol of peace – and another of two hands joined in a prayer pose.

OASIS, an album that reunited the Puerto Rican with the Colombian, was released at the end of June 2019. So far it is the only work that the rappers signed together, consolidated as a duet. It consists of eight songs, among which “La cancion” and “Qué pretendes” stood out as hits.

But “Un peso” also stands out there, a reggaeton with a carnival air that recounts the end of a relationship and has the seal of Marciano.