Bad Bunny makes controversy again, after throwing away a fan’s cell phone and then asking for respect, in ‘Sale el Sol’ they beat him up: “He’s bald, he’s incongruous”

During the transmission of the program ‘Sale el Sol’, the show hosts attacked the reggaeton player after a controversy with a fan who he threw his cell phone at

The famous Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny became a trend after throwing the cell phone of one of his fans into the sea. And it is that, according to him, it is all because the young woman disrespected him by putting the mobile near her face. After the news went viral, the drivers of the program “Sale el Sol” exploded against the singer.

In the ‘Birds on the Wire’ section, Ana María Alvarado, Joanna Vega-Biestro and Alex Kaffie reacted to what Bad Bunny did and what he now has in the midst of controversy; this was what they said.

Ana María Alvarado explained that the singer reacted badly to the situation regarding the fan who tried to take a selfie with him.

He also highlighted the fact that Bad Bunny assured that whoever puts a phone in his face will consider it disrespectful, however, for Ana María, the Bad Bunny did not respect the young woman and explained that there were other ways to have detained the young woman.

“He talks about respect but he didn’t respect. Peeled, it’s a peeled. Because even if you weren’t famous and something bothered you, you take his hand away, you say ‘hey, don’t take me like that’. There are a thousand ways before grabbing and throwing a cell phone into the water,” said Ana María Alvarado.

The host continued: “He reacted to the viral video, and far from recognizing the arrogance he came to light. You talk about disrespect for Bad Bunny, really?” Ana María Alvarado exploded.

For her part, Joanna Vega-Biestro recalled that it is not the first time that the singer has reacted like this since a long time ago he did the same with a fan who attacked him when he recorded him in a club and assured that “the message he sends is incongruous. It’s not the way you should react. He is not going to be applauded, ”she said.

Finally, Alex Kaffie mentioned that he understood the reaction of the fan since in his head there is only the thought that it is the only moment in his life in which he will have his favorite artist so close.

“I put myself in the shoes of people who say ‘it’s the only time I’m going to have in my life to cross a word’”, Alex Kaffie.