Bad Bunny throws the cell phone of a fan who wanted a photo

In the video, he sees Bad Bunny throwing the cell phone of a fan who attended his concert.

Bad Bunny’s concerts for his tour ‘World Hottest Tour’ have been crazy and fans have shown that they are willing to do the unimaginable to get a souvenir of the singer, so now a fan has gone viral for trying to get a photo of reggaeton, however, his cell phone ended up being thrown.

The reggaeton player Bad Bunny who leads the first places in the playlists, is in the middle of the controversy, after throwing a fan’s cell phone in full concert, which has now spread on TikTok.

In said clip, the singer is seen with a cell phone in his hand, while taking a selfie towards the public, while another device that comes from the public hits the singer’s leg.

Given this, Bad Bunny interrupts his photo, bends down, takes the cell phone and throws it away from the public, which causes the ovation of his fans at the concert.

Let’s remember that lately, fans and Bad Bunny have even exchanged glasses at some concerts.

Bad Bunny’s tour has caused a stir since its announcement, because let’s remember that the fans did everything to get tickets.