BAFWeek 2016: the return of Argentine fashion week

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Designers, enterprising women and emerging men of Argentine fashion showed a preview of their Winter 2016 collections in a new Argentine fashion week. The beginning of another important edition of BAFWEEK had the presence of Vitamina at the opening, a contemporary, urban and global cosmopolitan brand, being the first in this event that will culminate on Friday, March 4.

The impact was immense, where the glamor of always could be seen with the magical quota of the London intervention. The opening cocktail was held on February 26 at the Alcorta Shopping and, under the patronage of HSBC, the “Believe in those who believe” campaign was developed.

Admission will be free and free, while pre-accreditation to enter the parades must be done online on the official BAFWEEK website.

Fashion week is characterized by having the best models and the presence of the most sophisticated, active and enterprising women in the industry. The novelty of this season is the amount of it girls and bloggers who will participate in the event, seeking to impose styles and sharing the good taste for fashion.

The fashion shows show glamor, trend and avant-garde. The most avant-garde designers will show everything new and will set trends in what is coming: Jazmín Chebar, Mishka, Benito Fernández and Vero Alfie, among others, will be present at BAFWEEK 2016.

Mass PR Group
Mass PR Group

Andrea Bursten, Bárbara Lombardo, Catarina Spinetta, Sofía Zámolo, Jimena Cyrulnik, Lorena Ceriscioli, Julieta Spina, Sabrina Garciarena, Mariana Fabbiani and Gege Neumann were some of the celebrities who attended the first shows.

The closing of the BAFWEEK will be on March 4 at 21 in the Central Restaurant of La Rural, while the parades and exhibitions will be in the Yellow Pavilion of the property in Palermo. Dolores Fonzi will be at the closing and will be the face of Naima in the outcome of this new edition.

Brands that will participate

  • Uade Prism
  • Joan of Arc
  • Open Indument
  • Prune
  • Blackmamba
  • Lee Designe by Jessica Trosman
  • Cher
  • Emilse benitez
  • Maiso Nomade
  • Allo martinez
  • Zito
  • Nous Etudions
  • Estebecorena Brothers
  • Ceci Gadea
  • Chain garcia
  • Garcon garcia
  • Rome Renom
  • Plot
  • Juan Hernandes
  • Talitha
  • Cid Kohan
  • Naima